Claire French, Choreographer

Claire French, Choreographer

Claire French is a UK-born, Vancouver-based choreographer. Her works have been performed in Czech Republic, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, the UK, and in Canada. Working under the umbrella name Restless, Claire enjoys collaborating across the arts.

Since 1994, she has worked choreographically in dance, film, theatre, and opera. Claire’s work is influenced by her interest and past performance experiences in musical theatre, contemporary dance, drama, creative writing, and interdisciplinary performance.

In 1994 Claire was awarded a first class BA (Hons) in Dance with Inter-Arts (Bretton Hall, UK). In 1999, she gained an MFA Interdisciplinary Studies from SFU, Canada.

From 2005-2007 she was Dance Artist in Residence at Leeds University, UK . In the Fall of 2007 she taught Dance Composition at SFU. Claire continues to work internationally via independent choreographic commissions, presentations, and guest teaching contracts. In Vancouver, she is part of the 3รข 60 collective. (with film-maker Allison Beda and composer James Maxwell). Their one minute art-dance films are also gaining international recognition with screenings in Asia, Canada, Central America, Europe and the US.

In 2008, Claire initiated Project CPR (Choreographic Practice and Research), in association with The Dance Centre, where she was artists in residence. Recent choreographic works include Outside Out, featuring Heather Laura Gray and Inside Outside In, featuring Laura Hicks. Earlier this year Claire choreographed a multi-cultural performance with 50 dancers and a school choir performance with 600 children both for the Vancouver Winter Games -Olympic Torch Relay. She has new independent work in development in the UK and Canada as well as continuing to nurture new found exciting creative partnerships, like this one!

Currently Claire is an artist in residence at The Landing Dance Center. She is on the board of directors for Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists / BC Chapter and Screaming Flea Theatre Society, and a member of the Canadian Dance Assembly