Simon Webb, Leading Actor

Simon Webb, Leading Actor

Simon is one of Canada’s finest actors and having him on board is spectacular. Decades of stage experience combined with a fine sense of humour makes working with him a lot of fun. He is evil drug lord “Grimus” the main character in Sweet Mystery. See his work here

Sweet Mystery brings together Simon’s love of contrasting themes. both classical and modern, in music, drama, and art. Playing Grimus ┬áis every actor’s dream, of course; and arch villains are the most rewarding characters in the repertoire. And the theme of a tyrannical drug-lord, in a quasi-biblical struggle of good versus evil is timeless.


To add authority to his claim on the role of Grimus, Simon brings four decades of hard experience in live theatre – from Polonius to King Lear, from French farce to Waiting For Godot, from Ibsen to Dickens, he supplies a range of skills unmatched in Western Canada.


“From the moment I walked in (to rehearsals for the first experimental presentation of a synopsis of Sweet Mystery) I knew I had to get my game-face on. There was so much talent in the room – choreographers, dancers, actors – I knew I had to step up to the plate

or go home.”

Google or Facebook Simon to find out more about his current and future projects – and keep yourself updated on progress with Sweet Mystery!