Sweet Mystery Scholarship Program


Our goal for 2015/16:

We wish to provide talented young British Columbia dancers and triple threat performers with a future in their chosen profession. The eligible candidates will be supplied with a world class training followed by possible employment with Sweet Mystery.


With the commercial success of Sweet Mystery, we will be offering a Scholarship Program to the most talented and dedicated dancers and triple threat performers, who wish to pursue a career in live performance.
British Columbia is rapidly becoming a major supplier of talent in many genres but after years of study students leave school only to find themselves in an employment void.

Sweet Mystery Productions is not only committed to providing training and raising the performance bar for these individuals but will also fill the post graduation void by giving students that ever critical first step up into the professional world.

It is in our interest to keep these young artists enthusiastic and employed. Too often we lose our best industry talent. Therefore it is paramount that we offer our young artists opportunities to work and grow.


The Sweet Mystery Scholarship Program is open to the most talented and dedicated  students seeking careers in live performances.