The Next Generation of Musical Theatre

The Next Generation of Musical Theatre




“Sweet Mystery” is the next Generation of world class musical theatre. “Sweet Mystery” bridges the worlds of musical theatre, movies and video games. It engages and captivates audiences  by combining a dramatic story and the elements of live rock, opera, hip hop and dance performances, with stunning visuals created by innovative 3d projection technology. Sweet Mystery is a new genre of live theatre.

The team successfully produced two shows in Vancouver to proof Sweet Mystery’s. The amazing response during the two sold out shows in Vancouver encouraged the Production Team to move ahead and produce Sweet Mystery now on larger scale.

The Story

“SWEET MYSTERY” is a post apocalyptic coming of age story that focuses on the human condition as mankind teeters on the cusp of a new age. The story is a cautionary tale of Good vs. Evil, set in a world where the human race, and the planet itself have come to their final days, but is saved by our two teenage heroes.

The story is told with the immersion of many different genres in the performing arts. The production strives to bring together the old and new. The dance numbers range from ballet to hip hop, the music, opera to rap, the theatre Shakespearian to pop culture; all immersed into a fast paced 3D live extravaganza that promises to leave its viewers breathless.

The Sweet Mystery Stage Experience

This all new, high dynamic and dramatic, movie like stage experience engages and captivates audiences like no other is attractive even for audiences who usually do not go into theatres.

The captivating, futuristic story, merges the old with the new. It combines spectacular dancing and acting sequences with a brand new form of Immersion Theatre.


Sweet Mystery is not just a large scale stage production but an experience, immersing audiences into a spectacular evening of magical performances rich in emotion, sight and sound.


Sweet Mystery, The Show, boasts a beautiful and dramatic story, a blistering original soundtrack, written by Vancouver Island Producers Bernard and Blanchard, spectacular dance performances, stage and cutting edge Multi-media, state-of-the-art techniques in illustration, sound-scape, animation.

Utilizing these elements, SWEET MYSTERY escapes the bonds of conventional musical theatre allowing all forms to break free into a unique and unexplored landscape.

Sweet Mystery, The Show, is utilizing the experience of Vancouver’s finest actors, musicians, writers, directors, special effects artists and choreographers in combination with undiscovered new talent.

The result of this unification is a production that provides powerful performances and innovative special effects that will entertain musical theatre and movie enthusiasts and the fast paced video game generation.